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ISSUE #1     2-23-98
Direct from Indian Valley Meats Inc., the experts in game care. For more than 22 years Indian Valley Meats has been serving Alaskans the finest quality meat products. Hunting is more then a tradition for the Indian Valley family, it’s the foundation that has built our company. With almost a century of combined hunting experience in Alaska and abroad, all of us at Indian Valley have a bit to share. So come along and join us regularly as we share the wilds of Alaska with you.

GameSaver is the result of more than four years of field testing and development. It is a food grade acid-based product designed to form an acid coat over the game carcass. This high-acid coat has been effectively proven to limit the amount of bacterial growth on the carcass. In addition, the lower pH on the meat causes a direct reaction to invading insects. The insect senses the acidity on the meat and will limit its contact with the carcass. In any warm weather hunting (40 degrees or warmer) GameSaver has been proven effective without the residual effects found with peppers, salts, vinegar or other marginally effective methods now used to prevent insect contact.

GameSaver is designed to be effective directly on the game carcass, or by impregnating it into game bags by presoaking the game bags in the solution of GameSaver, and then line drying the game bags. GameSaver will re-crystallize onto the fibers of the game bags, once dry the game bags along with GameSaver will be there protecting your game. For effective protection from bacteria or insect contact, using GameSaver directly on the carcass is recommended.

GameSaver is easily applied through a spray bottle. Misted right onto the field dressed game until an even coat is made on the carcass. GameSaver comes in a one ounce dry concentrate. This one ounce is designed to be dissolved into a gallon of water and should provide enough GameSaver to protect one large game animal. throughout your aging process. For smaller game, use GameSaver as necessary to provide the protection until you can package and freeze your take.

In the field or aging the meat at home, GameSaver is the best protection for your meat. By applying GameSaver to the carcass, the high acid coat does reduce harmful bacteria, such as E-coli 01 57:H7, S. Tyohimurium and related microflora, as proven in recent studies done at the University of Texas A& M, with warm beef carcasses. For true product testing though, there is no tougher proving ground than the wilds of Alaska. In the last four years Indian Valley has been testing GameSaver, along with Guides and fellow sportsmen, all of whom agree that if they want to bring meat home for their freezer, they won't go into the field without it.
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