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Indian Valley Meats was built around Doug Drum's outdoors lifestyle. He founded the company next to his cedar home in the scenic town of Indian, Alaska, where the Chugach mountain range meets the Pacific Ocean. In the early days, the plant mostly processed game and fish brought in by locals who were putting up food for the winter. Doug even processed native foods for some of the rural villages.

These days, hunters and anglers still migrate to Indian each season to have us care for their catch. And we also serve other markets such as:

- restaurants, hotel and institutional

- tourism and holiday giftpacks, corporate BBQ's

- game birds, hams, pigs, banquets

- private label, hunters, anglers

- install, training and consulting

All of our products reflect our Alaskan surroundings. As a reminder, we keep live reindeer, pigmy goats, quail and other exotic birds on the grounds to enhance the natural feel of our home and business. A conference lodge, bed and breakfast and training facilities are on the grounds as well. Carvings, art , trophy game and fish are displayed as well to complete the scene.

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